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Central Coast Pet Hospital and Emergency

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What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you arrive at our hospital, your pet will be triaged and we prioritize patients based on the severity of their condition. Patients will be seen by the veterinarian in order of priority. There may be delays for Priority 3 or Priority 4 patients. Our staff works diligently to provide the highest level of care, we appreciate your patience.

Priority 1

Patients with critical or life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Examples include but are not limited to difficulty breathing, severe trauma, collapse, unable to walk or stand, poisoning, active seizures, GDV (bloat), bleeding, male cats straining to urinate, snake bites, persistent non-productive retching.

Priority 2

Patients with urgent conditions.

Examples include but are not limited to persistent or severe vomiting and diarrhea, appetite loss for more than 24 hours, known foreign body ingestion causing illness, bowel obstruction, previous but not currently active seizures.

Priority 3

Semi-urgent issues.

Examples include but are not limited to acute diarrhea without vomiting, blood in urine or straining to urinate in a dog or female cat, small wounds or lacerations, allergic reactions.

Priority 4

Not immediately life-threatening.

Examples include but are not limited to skin conditions, chronic disease management, minor wounds, abscesses, sore eyes/ears.

Payment Policy

After your pet is seen by one of our veterinarians you will be presented with a treatment plan that includes an estimate of services. Payment is due prior to services being rendered. For your convenience, we accept payment via cash, credit/debit card, Care Credit, and Scratchpay.

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If your pet is hospitalized, you will receive regular phone updates by one of our veterinarians.

We will also keep you informed of hospital costs. Your pet will be monitored around the clock by our team of qualified and compassionate registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants, with a veterinarian always present.

Our veterinarians will communicate with your primary veterinarian if necessary, and we will provide copies of your pet’s medical records to your primary veterinarian. Upon discharge, you will be provided with verbal and written instructions on home care and follow-up recommendations.