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Central Coast Pet Hospital and Emergency


Central Coast Pet Hospital and Emergency is here to provide outstanding veterinary care to pets in Arroyo Grande, CA. We are committed to fulfilling your pet's 24 hour-a-day urgent care. Our veterinary team can assist you and your referring veterinarian's office with all of your emergency and after hour veterinary needs. Our veterinary office offers routine preventative care, dental services, and is trained in the screening of common diseases. Call us at 805-489-6573

Our Emergency Services

In addition to our general practice services, we are also proud to offer 24-hour emergency services and urgent care. We at Central Coast Pet Emergency are passionate about assisting owners through their veterinary emergency needs.

Our emergency care services include 24-hour hospitalization for critically ill patients, allergic reactions, blood bank transfusion services, cardiorespiratory emergencies, comprehensive surgical care, foxtail and other foreign body retrievals, fracture management, infectious disease therapy with controlled isolation suites, laceration repair, ocular emergency management, seizure management, snakebite envenomation, trauma, toxicity treatment from rodents, snail baits, medication overdoses/ingestion, anti-freeze poisoning, chocolate/xylitol ingestion, or household plants, post-op hospitalization, and urinary diseases.

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Client Testimonials & Reviews

We at Central Coast Pet Hospital and Emergency value feedback from our clients. Here is just a small sample of the hundreds of happy and healthy pets that we have cared for since 1997.

We took our kitty to Central Coast Pet Emergency Hospital late on a Friday and then again on a Sunday morning. They were amazing! So nice and thoughtful.

Kristine J.

Our sweet 10-year-old Golden was showing signs of dehydration. The staff is extremely patient & friendly & helped our boy! Thank you for your help!


I didn’t know what I would’ve done without the awesome staff. The doctors helped so much and helped me with my dog's recovery every step of the way! Thank you very much!

Riley C.