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Additional Services

We offer such a wide variety of diagnostic services here at Central Coast Pet Emergency Hospital. From bloodwork to respiratory monitoring we do it all! Browse this page to view a more extensive list of our diagnostic services.

Metabolic Crises:

  • DKA Management

  • Hypernatremia

  • Hepatobiliary Diseases

  • Renal Failure

Immune-Mediated Case Management:

  • IMHA

  • ITP

Blood Services:

  • Blood Typing

  • Cross-Matching

  • Multi-Lumen Central Line Placement

  • RBC, FFP, and other transfusions

  • In-House Blood Diagnostic Equipment

    • Chemistry

    • CBC

    • i-Stat Blood Gas

    • Coagulation Profiles

    • T4

Cardiac & Respiratory:

  • Tracheostomy Tube Placement

  • Advanced CPR

  • EKG Monitoring

  • End-Tital Capnography

  • Thoracocentesis, Abdominocentesis

Reproductive Emergencies:

  • Medical and surgical treatment of dystocia

  • neonatal intensive care

Toxicologic Emergencies:

  • Acetylcysteine

  • Vitamin K1

  • Lipid Emulsion Therapy

  • Activated Charcoal Administration


  • Thoracic Injuries

  • Poly-traumas

Isolation Unit:

  • Contagious Disease Ward