Emergency Veterinarian

We primarily see dogs and cats on an emergency basis for ailments as serious as being hit by a car or as minor as a torn toenail. Due to the unpredictability of our caseload, it is often necessary to institute a triage system to prioritize the order in which patients are seen and treated.

If your pet’s condition is critical, you may be asked if he or she can be taken to the treatment area to be immediately evaluated and observed by the veterinarian and nurses on staff while you are taking care of the necessary paperwork. If indicated you may be asked if it is okay for us to provide your pet with pain medication and/or immediate life saving procedures. You will be asked to make a deposit for life saving procedures and the doctor will speak with you as quickly as possible.

If your pet’s condition is less serious, both you and your pet will be seen as soon as a doctor and exam room are available. The waiting time may vary depending on the number of emergencies at that time. We make every effort to get to non-emergenct cases in a timely fashion and will give you our full attention and time as soon as possible.

Once your pet has been evaluated, you will be given our recommendations on treatment and/or diagnostic work indicated. A treatment plan or estimate of fees will be provided and thoroughly discussed at that time.

Should your pet require hospitalization, the staff doctor and nurses will make every effort to give you frequent and timely updates. You are always encouraged to feel free to contact us to get an update.

At the time of discharge, records of your pet’s visit will be faxed to your primary veterinarian. Follow up care will then be provided by your veterinarian.

Central Coast Pet Emergency Clinic

(805) 994-0763

1558 West Branch Street Arroyo Grande, CA 93420